Hire Talent

We know what you’re thinking:

Why should I use a recruiter? They’re unreliable, expensive, and won’t find the right candidates!”

That’s where you are wrong! Safe Smart Recruiting was founded on one main principle – transparency. We never price gouge, we work with you to deliver qualified candidates, and we will replace your candidate if anything should happen within the first year. 

Around 78 percent of recruiters found that at least half the resumes they received were from unqualified applicants: that’s time that you could be putting back into your business! Safe Smart Recruiting’s mission to help lighten your company’s costs and time, while bringing you qualified candidates right off the bat. 

We can help fill any open position you may have including but not limited to; physicians, licensed professionals (LMFT, LCSW, LPCC), technicians, psychiatrists, nurses, medical scribes, caregivers, medical billing specialists, facility maintenance crew, and business management personnel.

FAQ for Employers

1. Who do we partner with?

  1. We partner with employers in the medical and hospitality industries who share our values of authenticity and transparency.
  2. We also take time to actually get to know you and your business in order to present the candidates that are right for you.

2. What is our fee and our replacement guarantee?

  1. Our fee always remains the same regardless of salary or benefits. If you want more information please contact us! As for our 
  2. replacement guarantee, we will replace any candidate that doesn’t stick around for at least 12 months for free. 

3. Where do we source our candidates? 

  1. We source our candidates from social media, website applications, word of mouth, and our latest recruiting platform.

4. What’s the catch?

  1. There is none! We are on a mission to change the way people work with recruiters. It’s simple – we source and vet candidates  
  2. for your open position, we interview them and make sure they are the right fit for you, and finally, we send them to you for  
  3. the final decision. Our recruiters will keep you in the loop the whole time and our CEO will most likely give you his personal  
  4. cell number if you have any questions (seriously, his name is Walter)!
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Ready to find a great candidate?

Award us the opportunity to securely and expertly fill your next role. Safe Smart Recruiting employs propietory tools to locate and verify the perfect applicant for your company’s job needs.

Safe Smart Recruiting appreciates every job opportunity and guarantees to not share any personal information that you provide us except with potential candidates that you have approved and are interested in. We want to hire as many people as possible and our screening system is extremely thorough. We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding you the perfect candidate for the work at hand!